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Are you ready for new opportunities? For yourself as a CEO, entrepreneur or manager? For your business, your team and your life?

Are you ready for real transformation?


Trouble's brewing. And you want and need to make a change. Company, family, corporate and personal systems all overlap and intertwine.


Never found anyone with the courage to join you in your complexity, your alterity or the "diceyness" of your situation? No-one you can trust or put your faith in?

Whether it’s about getting more out of your life and your career. Escaping the burden of leadership and all its constraints. Safely navigating the shark-filled waters of political power struggles. Mastering entrepreneurship and management. Giving your career a shot in the arm. Leading your company or your team to be more self-organised. Skipping a couple of rungs on the career ladder and walking straight into the CEO role. Managing company succession or stepping up to the plate.

It all requires inner transformation and clarity.

"The more you push, the more I'll turn up the heat!"

Transformation always begins with you. Only then do we move on to your company, your organisation, your teams. I will guide you through your transformation, igniting your inner flame, eradicating obstacles or habits and patterns that are holding you back and injecting change into your routines, your team, your project and your business.

Push through to your core. Master your inner self. Find your real strength. Find your truth.

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ZFU International Business School – hundreds of talks on change management

Michael Bachmann

I have helped hundreds of executives, companies and teams – and I’ve pretty much seen it all along the way. I know the structures, systems, dynamics and all the different types of political games. I’m no stranger to most things and I welcome everything with open arms. I create the space and provide inspiration for real transformation and clarity. Leaving you free to unleash your inner self and your system.


O-Töne meiner Kunden

Selbstverständlich arbeite ich mit meinen Kunden unter Wahrung höchster Diskretion. Nach unserem persönlichen Gespräch stelle ich gerne Kontakt zu Referenzgebern her.

"I don't make much of consultants. But Bachmann is different."

CEO and Owner of a leading digital company in Switzerland.

"Epic transformation at its finest – with guaranteed long-term impact."

Owner and CEO of a medium-sized international family business in the consumer goods sector

"No idea how it works. But it does."

Group Head HR at an international financial services group

Ready for real transformation?

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