"I love people. Many of them don't yet realise that there is power within them. My job is to bring that power to the surface."

Michael Bachmann | Transformer for CEOs, Entrepreneurs and Leaders

Motivator, Transformation Architect/Mentor and Keynote Speaker

Executive Coach, Transformer, Systematic Bridge-Builder

More than 20 years mentoring transformations and consulting on strategies for managers

11 years as joint owner and partner of a leading international Executive Search company

20 years management experience, managing up to 130 employees

5 years working as President of Administrative Board and active Member of Administrative Board

I love business, efficiency, intelligence and success as much as I love metaphysics, philosophy, art and spirituality

I've seen it all (almost). I love taking tricky, crazy situations and people to the next level. Rebels, geniuses, pioneers, speed freaks and adrenaline junkies – or just brilliant entrepreneurs and managers. For me, it's always the result that counts. I don't believe in "either/or", I believe in "both/and". I live to see people grow into their true strength by achieving more and more their own deeply personal definition of all-round success and lust for life.

Michael, who are you – and how many of you are there?

I am a passionate cook, lawyer, executive, MBA from ZFU, entrepreneur, former labourer, unwavering optimist, active investor in multiple start-ups, top-class executive recruiter, president of the administrative board, DJ, shaman, energy healer, mentor to disadvantaged and violent youths, executive and change coach (INSEAD, ZHAW etc.), transformer, administrative board member, corporate advisor, passionate dancer.

I have a wonderful partner, a son and two more grown-up children who I was lucky enough to spend many years with in their childhood and one cat.

lived in 13 different places overseas and in Switzerland
twice changed my career when I was at the top of my game
responsible for more than 200 successful evaluations for executive positions
mentored more than 50 managers and 20 teams long-term
conducted around 2,000 structured interviews with potential executive



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