Das sagen meine Kunden über die Zusammenarbeit mit mir

„Michael has a singular ability...

to highlight critical areas and pain points in transformation projects in a way that is centred on goals and practicality, while keeping his finger on blind spots and sore areas. His approach is precise and structured and he delivers practical guidance without falling into the trap of theories that are otherwise commonplace in consulting. He gets to the point and truly understands how to give respectful and critical feedback. Thanks to the interviews he conducted, it was impressive how well he described our in-house culture. He knew how to change our way of thinking long-term, what we wanted our transformation to look like and focused on adjustments in the areas that made financial sense.”

Head of Sales at a leading insurance company in Switzerland

„Michael knew how to approach us as individuals,...

as a management committee and our company in every situation, he understood our needs and concerns and his extensive knowledge and wealth of experience were an enormous help. In his professional and amenable manner, he held up a mirror to us and put his finger on “pain points” without us feeling personally attacked. He has an incredibly respectful manner, combined with enormous theoretical knowledge, experience and acumen. Today, our company finds itself in an entirely different situation, with a clearly defined strategy for the future and a significantly better functioning management team with clear responsibilities and positive energy. We would like to offer him our heartfelt thanks.”

Owner and Member of the Management at an SME in the automotive industry

„Michael understood how to hold up a critical mirror...

to us as individuals and as a team in the way we had worked together so far and to get to us to laugh while doing so. He also knew how to manage important content as a team and to bring commitment and clarity to our everyday experience. Michael also doesn’t shy away from addressing and confronting uncomfortable issues openly. Today, we find ourselves in an entirely different situation to where we were at the beginning of his intervention. Change really does begin with each individual and you need to follow a commonly defined path no matter the consequences, leaving your own comfort zone and your old patterns. It takes practice, discipline, focus and new, more honest forms of collaboration so as not to fall back into old habits. We all managed to learn this more or less painlessly, and thankfully the final result was positive.”

Owner and Managing Partner of a leading consultancy in Switzerland

„Michael has a knack for inspiring people.

His experience, his dedication and his emphatic skills allow him to reach everyone in the organisation and to push teams forward long-term. In my inspiring time working with Michael, I was fascinated time and again by the clarity, energy and dedication, with which he identifies individual potential and develops professional solutions so that something new can emerge and grow.”

Former Head of Group HR at an international corporation and now independent business owner


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